The New  Sukkah is evolving. We put in a new clear plastic removable window (lots of velcro and glue) in the roof to let in the sky. Also a new schach (roof covering) made of cedar covered in cornstalks. This made the ceiling a little low but very rustic. There were 11 of us in the Sukkah incuding  and guest Ofir from Montreal who was in town for a traffic engineering conference and wanted to join the community and sit in a sukkah. He was a great help with the shaking of the Lulav and Etrog.

     We could have fit a lot more of you in the sukkah (maybe in shifts). The matzah ball soup and challah were great as well as the pot luck meal held outside the sukkah afterwards. We even had a Lulav and Etrog as well (pitum not broken). When I was a kid my grandmother and grandfather build their Sukkah on the balcony of their second story apartment building. it was about 4 ft by 8 feet (maybe) and had a table and a lot of people crowded  into the sukkah bumping elbows while we ate our holiday meal. Lots of good memories for the kids and sharing for everyone.      Make some memories!