SUKKOTH 2012 at Rosalie and Dons

The 2012 Sukkot Party

This was the first time my family and I attended the annual Sukkot party in PEI, and it was a lot of fun.

We were invited to come “shake, shake, shake the lullav” at Rosalie Simeone’s house and to “participate in some challenges”. Much more happened than that!

Soon after we arrived we coloured in some decorations for the sukkah. Everyone was chatting, and everyone was colouring too. No-one got left behind! We had a game of Sukkot basketball (the ball was a yellow American football – an etrog!) and after that we had a timed word-search. Then it was time for the main part of the Sukkot celebration: gathering in the sukkah, saying the blessing and shaking the lullav. Leo Mednick said the blessing and passed out the challah bread. The adults took a sip of wine and the children had some juice. Everyone who wanted to shake the lullav did.

Then the food came out!

There was a large selection of dishes. Delicious kugel, home-made hummus and plain pasta for the younger kids were only a few of the amazing items served. Dessert included brownies, fruit, cookies, cake and various teas and coffees. Most people ate standing up, striking up conversations with people they’d never met or catching up with people they hadn’t seen for a while. The fact that the gathering was outside was definitely a plus, too!

Overall, I think that this year’s Sukkot party was a great success. Everyone was friendly and I know that my family met many interesting new faces (including a lovely dog!). We hope that we can enjoy more celebrations like this one in the days to come!

By Phoebe Schneider
Age 10
October 22nd 2012