The PEI Jewish Community is pleased to announce that the annual Passover Community Seder will be on Monday April 14 starting at 5:30 PM (Note: this is the First Seder night) at the York Community Center off York Rd. (Highway 25).                

The Seder was established so that the community can celebrate Passover together and allow members of the community to connect with each other and establish friendships I.E. establish a community of friends.

The cost for the Community Seder for members is: (prices have been updated)

Passover Cost:
Whole Family - $35
Individuals - $20
Students and Seniors- $10

$30 adults
$55 Family
Students and Seniors- $20

We provide Wine, Matzo’s and Haggadah’s and the main parts of the meal but anyone who wants can bring their own favorite Passover dish to fill out the menu 

Please try to pay by check or exact change to make things easier for the treasurer. We also encourage you to pay your membership at this time to help support community activities over the year, the cost is $18 for a single and $36 for a family. Membership term is from September (Rosh Hashanah) but you can remit your payment now for next year if you wish.

Note that while we usually hold pot luck community events, for the Seder we try to assign to have key foods prepared for the Seder by members of the community. The following is the current Menu but we encourage anyone who wants to bring their own favorite Passover dish to fill out the menu.

Please remember to bring your own dishes, cutlery, soup bowl and glasses.

Passover Menu                                                 Other Dishes People said they would bring

For the Seder                                                                                                                    TBD 

    Red and white wine and Grape Juice                                                                           


    Horseradish (maror)

    Haroset (nuts, apples, wine, spices)

    Salt water & celery or shallots

    Boiled potatoes & hard Boiled Eggs

First Courses

    Matzo Ball soup & knaidels

    Chopped Liver

    Gefilta Fish

Main Course

     Roasted Brisket


     Potato dish

    Pot Luck - Salads and other dishes welcome from the community


     Pot Luck – from the community Please use kosher for Passover Matzo cake flour for baked goods